Dark Matter Commerce Presents the Top 24 Ecommerce Voices 2024

25 January 2024

Dark Matter Commerce is proud to present the top 24 ecommerce voices 2024. This annual list honours the influential voices shaping the future of ecommerce. These individuals have profoundly impacted the industry through expert insights and unwavering dedication to sharing thought leadership content. With a wealth of knowledge and an engaged following, these thought leaders continue to champion the ecommerce ecosystem. They have played a pivotal role in shaping our industry through their opinions and expertise in panel discussions, captivating blogs, insightful podcasts, and newsletters to their community of engaged followers. Their unstoppable passion for the industry is undeniable, which is why this list was created to recognise them as ones to watch in 2024 for shaping the future of ecommerce.  

We celebrate their unique perspective on the future by presenting them with a Dark Matter Commerce telescope as a symbol of their extraordinary ability to peer into the unknown and shape the world of ecommerce.

Top 24 ecommerce voices
Paul Rogers UK eCommerce Voices

Paul Rogers

LinkedIn Logo Icon 7.3k

Founder of Vervaunt | Host of Re:platform Podcast

Paul is an insightful and experienced eCommerce leader. As MD at Vervaunt, a highly regarded consultancy and paid media agency, he provides dynamic solutions for ambitious retail brands that are looking to expand their online presence.

He does this while co-hosting the Re: platform podcast and providing engaging industry thought leadership on digital transformation and re-platform projects through his content. 

Additionally, he spearheaded the groundbreaking Pulse Summit alongside his team – an eCommerce conference designed to inspire innovation in forward-thinking retailers. His expertise in the sector continues to make Paul a well-respected voice in the eCommerce community.

Deann Evans

LinkedIn Logo Icon 3.5k

MD of EMEA, Shopify

Deann, the visionary Managing Director for EMEA at Shopify, leads with innovation and creativity, driving retail advancements. Deann brings over two decades of leadership experience from notable companies like eBay, Mettr, and Sizmek, establishing herself as a seasoned industry expert.

A sought-after speaker at prestigious events such as eCommerce Expo and WIRED Smarter, Deann’s insights have been featured in publications like Retail Week. She actively contributes to the eCommerce community, sharing valuable knowledge on LinkedIn. 

Deann is one to keep an eye on for trends shaping the future of eCommerce.

Jim Herbert

LinkedIn Logo Icon 7.7k

CEO, Patchworks

Jim Herbert is an impressive veteran in the technology, engineering, and consulting industries, having joined Patchworks from close partners BigCommerce. His expansive 25 years of experience in the eCommerce and digital transformation sectors is now aiding in leading this successful company into its next stages of growth. Jim’s vast expertise extends to over 100 distinct eCommerce implementations within the retail, fintech, and gaming industries. He has a reputation for integrating platforms to produce impactful business outcomes and appears frequently on panel discussions and podcasts centered around eCommerce topics. His dedication to his craft is further demonstrated by his popular LinkedIn page, which has over 7.7k followers who rely on his insightful roundups about current technology features, online merchants’ efforts, and general eCommerce news.

Meghan Stabler Top ecommerce voice

Meghan Stabler

LinkedIn Logo Icon 8.5k

Senior Vice President Marketing, BigCommerce

Meghan has an impressive track record of driving transformative results and improvements for companies ranging from startups to enterprise-level SaaS firms. She was also instrumental in the BigCommerce – Nasdaq: BIGC IPO.

Her growth mindset can be traced back to her upbringing and is evident in her constant eagerness to learn and challenge herself.

With a dynamic and engaging LinkedIn presence, Meghan is a highly experienced, results-driven SaaS leader. She has an impeccable ability to captivate audiences with her enticing eCommerce insights and motivational posts, making her a sought-after keynote speaker. With 8.5K followers on LinkedIn, it’s clear that Meghan’s expertise in global marketing, product management, GTM strategy, digital, demand generation, AR/IR, and communications makes her stand out as a true powerhouse in the tech industry.

Vinny O'Brien Top UK voices

Vinny O'Brien

LinkedIn Logo Icon 12.7k

eCommerce Strategist & Consultant | RETHINK Retail 2024 Top Expert | Producer for RWM Commerce Watson Weekend Podcast

Vinny is an experienced and passionate eCommerce expert with over 15 years of knowledge in online retail, digital marketing, and eCommerce consulting. His key roles as the Group Strategy Director at TRC Solutions and Chief Technology Officer at Tranquillity have allowed him to hone his skills in technical architecture, marketing technology stack development, scalability, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Vinny’s expansive professional network extends across the automotive, fashion, hard goods, and home verticals, allowing him to provide valuable advice to entrepreneurs, startups, and established brands alike. Alongside offering advisory services with regards to optimising their online presence and performance, he also spreads his know-how through speaking engagements and online platforms like his  ‘eCommerce – Worth Knowing’ newsletter, which boasts a subscriber list of over 3000. With all these insights under his belt, it’s no surprise that Vinny has built up a following of 12k+ followers on LinkedIn, too!

Rick Watson Top 24 ecommerce voices

Rick Watson

LinkedIn Logo Icon 56.3k

CEO and Founder, RMW Commerce | Executive Advisory Board Member, MACH Alliance

Rick Watson, a seasoned veteran in eCommerce, stands out as the go-to expert for direct-to-consumer strategies. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Rick, founder of RMW Commerce Consulting, provides unmatched guidance to investors and management teams expanding their online businesses. Beyond consulting, he hosts The Watson Weekly podcast, fearlessly sharing unbiased insights on retail news.

As a sought-after speaker at prestigious events like NRF Shop.org and ECommerce Europe, Rick’s expertise has even reached national news programs such as Bloomberg. Stay ahead in the evolving industry with Rick’s monthly newsletter, What’s Next, offering deep dives into topics and insightful forecasts to navigate marketplace dynamics.

What sets Rick apart is his futurist mindset, shaping eCommerce’s future with articulate knowledge and broad influence. In essence, Rick Watson is not just a consultant or podcaster but a visionary leading towards eCommerce success.

Kunle Campbell top 24 ecommerce voice

Kunle Campbell

LinkedIn Logo Icon 8.3k

Host of the 2x eCommerce podcast | Ecommerce Growth Advisor and Customer Acquisition Expert at 2x eCommerce | Co-Founder of Octillion

Kunle is the ambitious co-founder of Octillion, a company dedicated to creating and growing digital-first, ‘good-for-you’ consumer brands in the food & beverage and beauty & skincare sectors. With his experience as an eCommerce CMO, he serves as a growth catalyst for these brands. 

In addition to his role at Octillion, Kunle is a top-rated host of the 2X eCommerce Podcast, where he has engaged with over 300 industry leaders. Kunle’s expertise in the eCommerce world extends beyond his work at Octillion and on the podcast. He is also an accomplished author, having published the book “E-commerce Growth Strategy” which offers actionable insights for navigating and scaling in this ever-evolving landscape.

Kunle brings both creative vision and data-driven pragmatism to his coaching approach. He helps retail teams unlock growth through acquisition, customer lifetime value (CLV), and optimising user experience (UX). Kunle’s passion for all things DTC, eCommerce, marketing, and entrepreneurship makes him a LinkedIn Top Voice in this industry and one to watch in 2024.

Jasmin Guthmann top ecommerce voice

Jasmin Guthmann

LinkedIn Logo Icon 3.5k

Head of Corporate Communications, Contentstack | Host of People Changing Enterprises podcast | WomenTech Ambassador | Executive Board Member, MACH Alliance

Jasmin, the Head of Corporate Communications at Contentstack, is a seasoned Marketing Leader renowned for her exemplary SaaS and Digital Transformation track record. A dedicated advocate for progressive enterprise technology ecosystems, she is an Executive Board Member of the MACH Alliance, contributing significantly to its growth from 5 founding companies in 2020 to over 100 paying members in 2023.

As an empowering leader and executive sponsor of Women in MACH, Jasmin emphasises the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. She is recognised for her thought leadership in CMO, leadership, marketing strategy, digital transformation, and stakeholder management. Jasmin’s expertise is showcased through her contributions to publications such as Martech360, where she shares insights, and her role as a keynote speaker at events like Women On Stage. Her influence extends to hosting the People Changing Enterprises podcast, solidifying her position as a top 24 voice in eCommerce in 2024.

Ben Marks Top eCommerce voices

Ben Marks

LinkedIn Logo Icon 5.4k

Director Global Market Development at Shopware AG

Ben is an experienced and passionate eCommerce professional, taking his 20 years of experience to the role of Director of Global Market Development at Shopware.

With a commitment to building and nurturing communities that foster innovation, collaboration, and diversity, Ben has been instrumental in the growth of open-source commerce worldwide. As a founding board member and content committee chairperson of the Magento Association, he secured the success of the $5B/year Magento ecosystem. Additionally, Ben has presented hundreds of public and online presentations across six continents.

Ben is a true leader in the eCommerce community; he has published articles on Magento development and best practices and uses his LinkedIn platform to connect and inspire others. He shares extensive knowledge of open source, market trends, and the powerful Shopware platform.

With an impressive following of over 11k on X (formerly known as Twitter), his posts are a must-read for anyone in the industry. Not only that, but Ben is also a sought-after speaker, appearing on top podcasts and events like the Space Bar Podcast, Talk Commerce, and Meet Magento. 

Pete Robertshaw Top eCommerce Voice

Pete Robertshaw

LinkedIn Logo Icon 1.4k

Host of Space Bar Podcast | Head of Commerce Consulting, Space 48

Pete is an eCommerce expert with over 20 years of industry experience. As Head of IT and eCommerce, he was instrumental in driving impressive growth for multi-channel retailer BetterBathrooms.com. Now, as the Head of Commerce Consulting at Space 48, Pete leverages his extensive retail, commerce, and IT knowledge to help customers develop their digital and operational eCommerce strategies.

But Pete’s influence doesn’t stop there. He’s also a social butterfly in the eCommerce world, building a vast partnership network. He co-hosts the popular eCommerce podcast ‘Space Bar’ and is a highly sought-after speaker at industry panels and events, sharing his retail experience.

Pete’s expertise extends to operational consulting for eCommerce businesses, and he’s written numerous articles on PIM topics. Pete is your go-to guy if you ever need advice or want to discuss anything eCommerce-related. With his unparalleled insights and opinions, there’s not much Pete doesn’t know about the world of eCommerce. He’s also bringing a very exciting event to the market this year, so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement coming soon on his LinkedIn. 

Rachel Tonner Top eCommerce voice

Rachel Tonner

LinkedIn Logo Icon 2.6k

Vice President Global Marketing at Klevu | Host of Klevu Discovered Podcast

Rachel is the VP of Marketing at Klevu, a leading AI search and discovery platform, bringing 15 years of diverse experience in UX, PR, growth marketing, and design. She actively champions diversity, contributing to LGBTQIA+ support groups, mentoring, and serving on the Ecommerce Pride Leadership committee. Rachel is also a member of Women in MACH.

She hosts the Klevu Discovered Podcast and organises Klevu Discovered events, gathering eCommerce and product discovery experts. Rachel is known for her passion for UX, art, Klevu, eCommerce, and marketing, regularly participating in panel discussions on user experience. Her focus on making B2B SaaS brands irresistible has driven exceptional growth in her 10+ years of leadership. Rachel is a regular speaker at events, offering insights into segmentation strategy and sharing her expertise in growth marketing.

Phillip Jackson eCommerce Voice

Phillip Jackson

LinkedIn Logo Icon 6.2k

Co-founder, Future Commerce

As the co-founder of Future Commerce, one of the most innovative startups in the retail industry, Phillip’s creativity and passion for inspiring others have made him a standout leader. With a keen eye for business opportunities, he has turned Future Commerce into a leading success story.

Phillip is unafraid to think outside the box and constantly disrupts the industry with his fresh ideas. His expertise in direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies, retail trends, and commerce culture makes him a sought-after guest on popular podcasts and events. His dynamic leadership style has helped shape Future Commerce into a hub for cutting-edge ideas that push boundaries and shape the future of commerce. An example of this was the recent ambitious launch of MUSES, a collaboration between Future Commerce and Adobe Commerce at Art Basel, Miami.

Phillip’s mastery of content creation on podcasts, whitepapers, blog posts, and public speeches focused on retail and eCommerce insights for futurists, it’s safe to say that Phillip is truly shaping the future of commerce.

James Gurd Top eCommerce voice

James Gurd

LinkedIn Logo Icon 5.7k

Ecommerce Replatforming Consultant + Ecommerce Strategy Consultant | Host of Re:platform Podcast

James is an experienced eCommerce professional with over 16 years in B2C retail. He is the founder of Digital Juggler, an eCommerce consultancy dedicated to helping businesses with their re-platforming and eCommerce strategies.

As a technology/solution agnostic independent consultant, he specialises in developing growth plans, website audits, and digital store optimisation. In addition to his consulting work, James co-hosts the Re:platform podcast, which offers practical advice on running and managing an eCommerce store. His insight has been widely shared, and it ranks in the top 10% of most shared podcasts globally on Spotify. James is an influential voice in the eCommerce community.

Adam Kitchen

LinkedIn Logo Icon 16.2k

CEO Magnet Monster | Co-Founder Content Army | Host of the eCommerce on Fire podcast

Adam Kitchen is an eCommerce entrepreneur and innovator whose accomplishments are nothing short of remarkable. He co-founded Magnet Monster, a company that has developed retention strategies for over 150 eCommerce brands on Klaviyo, while also sharing his own tactics through his popular weekly newsletter. His community-building expertise extends to hosting the renowned podcast ‘eCommerce on Fire’, which features cutting-edge strategies from leading entrepreneurs in the D2C industry. Adam’s social presence has attracted thousands of fans, including a 16k+ following on LinkedIn – an impressive feat thanks to his creative content and engaging posts about email marketing that keep everyone informed and inspired.

Zsuzsa Kecsmar top eCommerce voice

Zsuzsa Kecsmar

LinkedIn Logo Icon 7k

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Antavo

Zsuzsa Kecsmar is an inspiring, powerful female leader in the technology industry. Having co-founded and served as Chief Strategy Officer of Antavo, an enterprise loyalty platform for global brands like KFC, BMW, and Kathmandu, she has over 10 years of experience in the loyalty sector. Her impressive accomplishments have earned her membership to the Forbes Business Council and recognition from the European Commission with a Young Journalist Award in 2009 and from Forbes as Female Founder in Tech in 2016. Zsuzsa’s impressive leadership enabled Antavo to achieve 3x growth in 2021 and become a Gartner and Forrester Recognised Vendor. She enjoys inspiring others with her entrepreneurial journey through various thought leadership videos, articles, podcasts, and social media content. With a burning passion for personalisation and customer loyalty, Zsuzsa continues to shape the future of technology.

Dean McElwee top eCommerce voice

Dean McElwee

LinkedIn Logo Icon 9.7k

Director, Global eCommerce Collaboration at Stanley Black & Decker | Author: eCommerce for CEOs

Dean is a trailblazing Commerce Leader with an unmatched passion for developing innovative solutions that will stand the test of time. As an established author, his book “eCommerce for CEOs” serves as a valuable guide for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their businesses. With a wealth of experience in both domestic and international markets, he has proven himself as a master of eCommerce and omnichannel marketing strategies. Dean’s keen understanding and utilisation of digital technology have led to significant transformations in companies across various industries, from digital marketing to cloud computing. His dynamic personality and expertise are sought after, evident through his speaking engagements at high-profile events and informative posts on LinkedIn where he shares the latest insights in eCommerce. With boundless ambition, unwavering enthusiasm, and unparalleled expertise, Dean drives businesses towards unprecedented levels of success.

Colin Lewis Top 24 eCommerce Voice

Colin Lewis

LinkedIn Logo Icon 13.3k

Director, Retail Media Works | Digital Advisory Board, Econsultancy | Founder, DMX Dublin | Educator I Keynote Speaker I Author

Colin, a multi-award-winning marketing expert, is renowned for seamlessly blending brand and performance marketing to achieve sustainable growth. His extensive knowledge spans both B2C and B2B markets, earning immense respect in the UK and Ireland. As a columnist for Marketing Week Magazine and a Fellow of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, Colin’s industry insights are in high demand. Serving on the Digital Advisory Board of eConsultancy and the founder of DMX Dublin, Ireland’s largest marketing conference, he shares his expertise globally. With two books on eCommerce best practices, Colin is an accomplished author, distinguished lecturer, and keynote speaker, captivating audiences worldwide. Boasting over 13k LinkedIn followers, Colin solidifies his authority with recent publications like “The Seven Challenges of Retail Media,” making him a must-follow voice in eCommerce marketing for 2024.

Jason Greenwood Top eCommerce Voice

Jason Greenwood

LinkedIn Logo Icon 32.7k

Founder and Consultant at Greenwood Consulting | Host and Producer of THE ECOMMERCE EDGE Podcast | International MC, Panelist and Speaker

With over two decades of experience in eCommerce, Jason is revolutionising the B2B space. As an eCommerce consultant, he offers invaluable strategic advice for mid/large wholesale and DTC brands, helping them sort out their people, process, tech, ops and data challenges so they can execute on opportunities.

He shares his expertise with the world as host of THE ECOMMERCE EDGE Podcast, offering more than 300 episodes full of insightful information on B2B, DTC, digital, eCommerce and omnichannel topics. Aside from hosting the podcast, he is also a passionate mentor and content producer. He regularly posts insightful content on B2B, DTC, eCommerce, and omnichannel to his 32k+ followers on LinkedIn. 

Jason has a unique, unmistakable and irreverent style of education, inspiration and entertainment as a keynote speaker at numerous industry-leading conferences globally.

Dwayne Geffrie - top 30 eCommerce voice

Dwayne Geffrie

LinkedIn Logo Icon 13.1k

The Payments Strategist | Founder, Geffrie | Writer, Payments Strategy Breakdown

Dwayne Gefferie, an entrepreneur, investor, and payments expert, boasts a 20-year career and has played a pivotal role in shaping the payments industry, with notable contributions to major companies like ING Bank, Spotify, Facebook, Uber, and Google. 

As the Co-Founder of DataBright for the past five years, Dwayne has assisted enterprise companies with strategic approaches to data and payments. Under his own consultancy, the Gefferie Group, Dwayne provides elite Advisory and Consulting services exclusively to select clients in the payments realm. A thought leader, he shares his extensive knowledge through articles on dwaynegefferie.com, establishing himself as an authority in the payments domain. Dwayne’s expertise extends to being a sought-after speaker at industry events, including the upcoming Payments Leaders’ Summit in April.

Dwayne Gefferie’s unwavering passion for payments is evident in every aspect of his work, solidifying his status as a prominent industry figure. Whether through consultancy services or compelling writing and speaking engagements, he continues to make a significant impact on the global payments landscape.

Tom Robertshaw eCommerce Voice

Tom Robertshaw

LinkedIn Logo Icon 2.9k

Innovation Director, Space 48 | BigCommerce App Creator | Content Creator

Tom is a brilliant and highly accomplished Innovation Director at Space 48. His expertise and boundless passion for eCommerce make him a true change leader in our industry. Tom thrives on experimentation and is constantly pushing boundaries to drive innovation forward. With a specialisation in BigCommerce app development, he has gained global recognition as a key player. Tom’s contributions to the eCommerce community extend beyond his role at Space 48, as he generously shares his knowledge through informative videos, garnering a large online following. He goes above and beyond by organising this year’s prestigious BigCom DevX conference, showcasing his commitment to advancing the industry. In 2022, BigCommerce recognised Tom’s dedication with the well-deserved Global Community Award. His enthusiasm knows no bounds when it comes to engaging with merchants, understanding their objectives, and supporting their growth strategies. Featured on podcasts and hailed as an eCommerce unicorn, Tom’s expertise is also showcased through his authorship of eCommerce chapter of the 2021 edition of the Web Almanac. With such impressive achievements under his belt, it’s no surprise that Tom is one of the most respected experts in all things eCommerce, making him one to watch in 2024 and beyond.

Chloe Thomas eCommerce Voice

Chloë Thomas

LinkedIn Logo Icon 11.7k

Podcast Host and Author, eCommerce Masterplan | Editor in Chief, eCommerce Tech

Chloë is a world-renowned eCommerce marketing guru committed to solving complex issues for brands and businesses across the globe. She is the author of several best-selling books, a sought-after keynote speaker, and a leader in the industry. She hosts two groundbreaking podcasts: the award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan podcast and her latest project, the acclaimed Keep Optimising. Chloë also has a popular blog where she shares the newest advancements in eCommerce and offers insight into her own experiences.

With her unwavering commitment to excellence and knack for fresh ideas, she has become a true trailblazer in eCommerce. Join over 11,500 avid followers on LinkedIn who can’t get enough of her insightful content on eCommerce, Marketing, and Sustainability. Plus, she was recognised as a LinkedIn Top Retail Voice in 2023. Don’t miss a beat by subscribing to her weekly newsletter, “Chloë’s Three Things.” where you can discover the latest big trends and delve into intriguing small topics that have been captivating Chloe’s mind.

Karen Baker Top 30 eCommerce Voices

Jo Baker

LinkedIn Logo Icon 8.2k

Founder & CEO, ShipperHQ

Jo is an IT enthusiast and a true trailblazer in eCommerce. As the mastermind behind WebShopApps and ShipperHQ, she has solidified her reputation as a top-tier entrepreneur with a keen eye for innovation. Her shipping rate solutions have garnered recognition as a Gold Technology Partner by Magento and have been seamlessly integrated into Bigcommerce, serving over 70K satisfied customers. But it’s not just about success for Jo – her driving force is quality, service, and compelling content that propels her products and companies to new heights.

Jo also possesses an astute understanding of market data and tech trends, making her a key influencer in eCommerce. You can find Jo giving her insights at various events, guesting on podcasts, contributing thought-provoking articles or to her engaged community of followers on LinkedIn. – all in pursuit of shaping the future of eCommerce.

Tim Richardson Top eCommerce Voice

Tim Richardson

LinkedIn Logo Icon 3.6k

B2B Marketing & Sales Consultant | Founder, Your Basket Is Empty |

Tim is passionate and driven by his unwavering love for marketing, design and product strategy. As the founder of ‘Your Basket Is Empty’, a thriving podcast and consultancy firm, Tim channels his vibrant enthusiasm into creating invaluable resources for the modern commerce community. His entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to share his wealth of insights through a multitude of platforms, including an entertaining podcast series, exciting events, and enlightening newsletters. Not only does Tim inspire and inform his audience, but he also provides strategic leadership services that elevate agencies worldwide. With clients such as Superco, Disco Labs, Midnight, Sweden Unlimited and Rotate° under his belt, Tim’s company has significantly impacted the industry. Through their equal parts content and consulting approach, ‘Your Basket Is Empty’ aims to help design, development and product agencies think more strategically and achieve greater success. Join Tim on his mission to revolutionise the world of commerce with talks about Shopify, eCommerce, agency life, and direct-to-consumer strategies.

Ali Wood Top eCommerce Voice

Ali Wood

LinkedIn Logo Icon 5.3k

Head of Partnerships UK&I, Intuit Mailchimp

Ali is a driven and ambitious individual, currently making waves as the Head of Partnerships at Intuit Mailchimp. With a wealth of experience spanning over 18 years in eCommerce technologies, fintech, and payments, Ali has undoubtedly become an expert in this field. Her proven track record speaks for itself, showcasing her ability to develop strategic partnerships and alliances that result in impressive business growth.

Passionate about thought leadership, Ali has shared valuable insights on email strategy as a guest on the Clicked Off podcast, emphasising factors like deliverability and audience understanding.

Ali also hosts “Buy Your Own Drink, Women in eCommerce”, a networking event for women in eCommerce, showcasing her commitment to fostering connections among women in the industry. With expertise in eCommerce and Digital Transformation, Ali is a champion within the ecosystem and one to watch in 2024.