Our mission

Connected Agencies, Transforming Commerce

Dark Matter Commerce is an era-defining collective of expert innovators and agencies focused exclusively on digital commerce transformation.

Our brands

We’re entering the new era of digital commerce


Customers selecting better.

Dark Matter Commerce continually develops holistic client offerings, centred on digital commerce, to help our clients create the infrastructures and capabilities they need to compete in a new era of customer choice.


A million routes for discovery

The new era of commerce is shaped by significant changes in consumer behaviours and expectations. It demands collaboration and alignment between different disciplines, powered by the right mix of proprietary or third-party technology, including audience activation, marketing automation, analytics, and reporting platforms.


Order in data.

Consumers increasingly use multiple digital channels for information on brands. Privacy regulation is evolving simultaneously, making it more important than ever for teams to work across functions to understand consumers, maximise the value of first party data and find privacy compliant uses of data to deliver more human customer experiences.


Unified for partnership.

CMOs and CTOs want frictionless marketing partners to integrate more complex, strategic marketing needs and deliver better consumer experiences. The integration of agency, technology, and marketing services is disrupting the current landscape of holding companies, independent agencies, digital networks, and technology consultancies. The new era of digital commerce is defined by solutions delivered by teams of unified specialists.


Differentiation by experience.

It takes expert, savvy people who understand business and not just technology or media to succeed in the new era of digital commerce. Together, our teams are creating differentiated customer experiences that drive growth.


Growth. Regrowth.


Growth. Regrowth. Return to growth. Brands are at different stages of their digital commerce transformation journey. Those who have already transformed are optimising and pushing further onwards. Those who haven’t need to understand the transformative potential digital commerce has for their business model.


Effectiveness. Efficiency

Media costs are rising, meaning that customer journeys have to be crafted and personal to maximise the effectiveness of advertising spend. Marriages of effectiveness and efficiency, creativity and performance are vital in the new era of digital commerce.