Dark Matter Commerce Powers Next Chapter of UK eCommerce Awards

The UK eCommerce Awards, a benchmark for excellence in digital commerce, is embarking on an exciting new chapter. The event has thrived in Space 48 in partnership with Don’t Panic Events for the past five years. However, today marks a significant milestone as Dark Matter Commerce transitions into the role of powering these momentous industry awards. 

We’re entering a new era of digital commerce following three years of expedited shifts in e-tail technology, online shopping and brands adopting digital commerce following the pandemic. Dark Matter Commerce aims to offer customers the capabilities and support they need to compete in this new era of customer choice. 

Founded in 2020 by Jon Woodall, Managing Director and Founder of Space 48, Dark Matter Commerce is a collective of expert innovators and agencies to transform digital commerce at scale for its clients. Supported by Foresight, Dark Matter Commerce is actively acquiring technology firms and agencies that share their unwavering focus on eCommerce and other forms of digital commerce.

“While Space 48 remains deeply committed and involved in the UK eCommerce Awards and with the same team working behind the scenes, the alliance with Dark Matter Commerce and its other agencies, Brave the Skies and Bring Digital, has naturally expanded the event’s network. As the UK eCommerce Awards continue to grow and evolve, this collaboration ensures a seamless integration of Dark Matter Commerce’s expertise and resources, ushering in an exciting new era for this prestigious event.” – Jon Woodall, CEO, Dark Matter Commerce.

The UK eCommerce Awards have always been synonymous with innovation, excellence, and celebrating outstanding achievements in digital commerce. With Dark Matter Commerce at the helm, we can anticipate an even brighter future, where innovation and transformation will take centre stage.

About Dark Matter Commerce

Formed following investment from Foresight Group in 2020, Dark Matter Commerce is a collective of expert innovators and agencies led by Jon Woodall to transform digital commerce at scale for its clients.

Dark Matter Commerce’s portfolio of agencies includes Space 48 (BigCommerce and Adobe Commerce (Magento) specialists), Brave the Skies (Shopify Plus specialists), and performance marketing experts Bring Digital.

The collective is exclusively focused on transformational digital commerce.

See www.darkmattercommerce.com for more information.

About the UK eCommerce Awards

The UK eCommerce Awards is a prestigious event that recognises and celebrates excellence in digital commerce across various sectors. Over the years, it has become a hallmark of innovation and achievement within the eCommerce industry. Powered by Dark Matter Commerce and Don’t Panic Events, the awards continue to evolve and inspire the digital commerce community in the UK and beyond.

Visit www.ukecommerceawards.com for more information.

Visit https://dontpanicprojects.com/ for more information.